About “ABC Christ”

Alphabet Christ is a collaborative project of writers with a passion for the message of Jesus Christ.



Alphabet Christ is based on the 26 letter American Alphabet, based on 1-26, A-Z.  Each week, starting with A, a “one word” title will be chosen by our writing team, and a devotional will be written based on that topic.  For example, on week 6, the topic could be “Forgiveness,” and on week 7, the topic could be “Grace.”

When Season 2 begins, week 6 could be “Faith,” and week 7 could be based on “Gratefulness.”  See how it works?


Season 1 begins on Thursday, July 12th 2012, and will include 26 weeks of devotionals that are designed to inspire a deeper, yet joyful walk with Christ.

Season 2 will begin in 2013 with the same goal.

You can always read past publications by clicking on the “Recent Stories” link on the right navigation bar.


To collaborate with us in this project, simply contact Mark for more details.


Our mission is very clear… to inspire followers of Christ to walk deeper with Him, and to introduce a lost and dying world to Jesus.  We always encourage comments and questions, and if you don’t know Jesus, we encourage you to read our “Meet Jesus Christ” page and accept Him as your Lord and Savior today.

“Alphabet Christ” is a subsidiary of parent company “Alarida Creative.”

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