Being kind to one another is something that is interestingly curious statistically.  There is more kindness at some times, and there is less kindness at other times.  A very good example of when we see a serious lack of it is on the social video site “YouTube.”  It doesn’t take very long to find someone in viewer comments who is either viciously correcting someone’s grammar or just being downright hateful to others.  It’s so easy to hide behind a computer and make potshots at people.  Also quite cowardly, might I add.

But the counter balance is what we are beginning to see out in public where so many are being challenged to perform random acts of kindness to others.  Some churches are encouraging their attenders to just serve their community and neighbors in unique ways to just simply prove their love of people and Christ.

Proverbs 11:25
New Living Translation (NLT)

25 The generous will prosper;
    those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.

God so wants us to be kind that He have us a promise of a reward for our service.  That’s how much it means to Him!  You may never know the impact that your random acts, or even kind words make to the ones you interact with everyday, but those recipients sure know.  For some, it’s just what they needed at that moment that they received it, and for others it is a life changing experience.

Never pass up the opportunity to spread kindness to someone.  In today’s society, a smile never goes out of style and a kind word never goes unheard, but often goes unsaid.  Be the one that makes someone’s day or week, or even their whole life better.  Be kind as our Savior is kind!

Questions to ask yourself…

  1. Do you seek opportunities to reach out and be kind to those in your community?
  2. Are you guilty of saying unkind word to someone you love?
  3. Do you feel refreshed as God promised when you serve others?